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If you haven’t surfed over to our friend Matt Dyson’s blog today, check it out. It introduced me to a cool new artist (who sold his album in a comic shop no doubt) named Kurt Vile. You can hear a track from Kurt towards the bottom of the page called Jesus Forever. Though the track sounds like it was recorded and mixed by Kurt, it has a nice production quality to it.

Another great music blog I’m into is Fuel Friends. Surf over there and discover new flavors of music like Walk The Moon, Akron/Family, Godspeed You!Black Emperor, and more. Mp3s of songs from these acts are there so you can experience more than just a description of the bands. And on a recent program of The Appetizer I featured music from The Head And The Heart. On fuelfriends you can get a special poster that looks fabulous. Check it out.

with William Fitzsimmons and his new Golden Fork at Flyboy Studios

Last Saturday we made a pretty big official announcement of one of the big winners for this past year’s Golden Fork award. Many of you voted and the votes have been tabulated. I’ll make the official announcement later on, but our first winner and owner of a new Golden Fork Trophy is William Fitzsimmons for 2010 Artist Of The Year. Congrats to him. More pics from our session will be available on our Facebook site soon.


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Chef and host of the acclaimed public radio program "The Appetizer," D Grant Smith provides insights into new and emerging artists in music as well as dishing about his interests and hobbies including sports, movies, and other random things.

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