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How Music Is Painted

Over the past 2 weeks of The Appetizer, we’ve been exploring this notion that we can experience music in similar ways that we experience color.  In doing so, I’ve challenged and encouraged listeners to view music in new ways, using the imagination.  All too often in appreciating music, I find myself not taking in the beauty of the song, be it the story in the lyrics, the use of harmonies and melodies, the instrumentation, etc.  But if we allow our imaginations to engage in the listening process, we can have a completely different experience.

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About D Grant Smith

Chef and host of the acclaimed public radio program "The Appetizer," D Grant Smith provides insights into new and emerging artists in music as well as dishing about his interests and hobbies including sports, movies, and other random things.

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  1. What an awesome painting! How creative. Where did you find it?


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